1. Model: Miss Kendra Photographer/MUAH: Haarvey Aardvark


  2. "Breath in. Breath out.Steel lungs never pause for rest. Syncopated heartbeat rises & falls heeding the commands of a gently twisted hand."
    — Haarvey Aardvark

  3. "The best art is not a statement but rather a question, a catalyst to unlock what you already know but haven’t yet embraced. Don’t be afraid."
    — Haarvey Aardvark
  4. I’m stepping outside of my normal comfort zone to share with you some photos that go beyond what I would normally take, but only because I could share the experience of taking them with someone who was completely at ease with it.There are so many little erotic spots on the human body. Some are obvious. Others, subtle.

    Our time was cut short by the arrival of a park ranger, who was unhappy about my parking job. Oops.

    Shall I do more like this, with the same person? (I won’t ask other models to do this).


  5. "The waning sun licks sweet honey off the curved back of the earth mother while men preoccupy themselves with needless things."
    — Haarvey Aardvark
  7. Photographer/MUAH: Haarvey Aardvark Model: Mundi Broda The fire is 100% real.

  8. I have fans.


  9. "Lemmy Kilmister is the only natural defense we have against Chuck Norris."
    — Haarvey Aardvark
  10. Model: Neria